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Tamil Nadu
Precious treasure trove of ancient India

Tamil Nadu is a major hub of cultural diversity, ancient traditions, history and untouched nature. Tamil Nadu is renowned for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples. About a staggering 38,615 majestic temples adorn the state with their grandiose and architectural excellence. Tamil Nadu also houses beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters, exotic hill stations, heritage monuments, museums, waterfalls, coffee plantations, rich flora and fauna and fascinating biodiversity. It's a paradise for nature and adventure seekers alike.

 Popular cities: 

  • Chennai

  • Kodaikanal

  • Ooty

  • Kanyakumari

  • Madurai

  • Coimbatore

  • Coonoor

  • Rameshwaram 

  • Mahabalipuram

Tamil Nadu's climate ranges from dry sub-humid to semi-arid. The best time to visit the state is between October and mid-March.

  • January — Cool
  • February — Cool
  • March — Hot
  • April — Hot
  • May — Hot
  • June — Wet
  • July — Wet
  • August — Wet
  • September — Wet
  • October — Wet
  • November — Wet
  • December — Cold
Things to do
City Life
Chennai is home to a number of historical, cultural, architectural and other sites. It's a divine confluence of rich culture, history and urban delights. T Nagar Shopping District is a famous place to go for a shopping spree. Regional specialities such as Kanchipuram silk sarees and jewelry can be found here. Madurai is the cultural capital of Tami...    (Show More)
History & Heritage
The Five Rathas, also known as Panch Rathas, is a majestic set of rock temples located in Mahabalipuram. Closely resembling Buddhist shrines and monasteries, they are an epitome of Dravidian style architecture. Arjuna's Penance is one of the world's largest rock-cut relief. It beautifully displays the cultural past of India through its magnificent ...    (Show More)
Government Museum Complex in Chennai is known for its extensive numismatics collection and artifacts related to Tamil history. If you want to know more about Madras' British heritage, you must visit the Fort Museum. It houses an impressive collection that includes several colonial-era weapons, uniforms and a number of personal letters written by em...    (Show More)
Nature & Adventure
Situated near Salem, the Shevaroy Hills are a popular tourist attraction in the Eastern Ghats. The hills are home to scenic vantage points and the magnificent Solaikaradu Peak in the southern part of the Eastern Ghats. These hills also boast of magnificent views of dense woods, mighty hills, coffee plantations, diverse flora and fauna, lush green m...    (Show More)
Hill Stations
Nestled in the Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud is a hill station in the Eastern Ghats. Steeped in lush greenery, Yercaud is popular for its expansive coffee plantations, orange groves, spice plantations and great weather. However, Emerald Lake is the prime attraction of this hill station. Surrounded by cloud-peaked hills, this lake is a feast for the eyes....    (Show More)
The Vandalur Zoo is one of the largest zoological parks in the country. It houses over 1500 wildlife species, including 46 endangered species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. You can find rhinoceros, bear, tigers, macaques, langurs, lions and many other exotic wildlife species. The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is one of Chennai's best-known ...    (Show More)
Chennai's Marina Beach is the second-longest urban beach in the world. It's undoubtedly Chennai's biggest landmark. This scenic place is a preferred venue for everything from weekend picnics to political rallies. The iconic Marina Promenade boasts beautiful gardens, wide walkways and a number of statues and memorials. Ariyaman Beach, situated near ...    (Show More)
Temple/Place of Worship
Ramanathaswamy Temple, located in Rameshwaram, is one of the holiest places of worship in Tamil Nadu. It's a perfect blend of stunning architecture and spiritual significance. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple boasts of being one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of India. One of the 64 sacred baths in Rameshwaram, the Agnitheertham is one of the mo...    (Show More)
How to spend time / how long will it take?
A major chunk of Tamil Nadu can be covered in 8 to 14 days. Starting off at Chennai, spend a day exploring the city, beaches, temples, historical monuments and memorials. Spend a day in Vellore and from here you can visit the Shevaroy Hills. From here your next stopover could be Mahabalipuram where you can visit the magnificent Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram Beach and other ancient temples. Spend a day or two at Yercaud Hill Station exploring the hidden natural gems. Next, make a day trip to Salem visiting the heritage monuments. From here, you can spend the day in Trichy to visit some sacred Hindu sites. To explore more ancient temples you can visit Thanjavur and Nagapattinam for a day each. Take a detour to Kanyakumari and spend a day or two in this beautiful city to relax and rejuvenate. Moving upwards, spend a day in Madurai on your way to Coimbatore. After spending a day or two in the ancient city visit the nature-rich Coonoor hill station. A lot can be done in a day at Coonoor hill station. It’s a soulful escapade from bustling cities. You can end your trip at the exotic Ooty resort town. Relax amidst the scenic Nilgiri Hills or take up an adventurous sport to end your trip on a high note!
  • Tamil Nadu is a major hub for food connoisseurs to try some of the finest traditional cuisine in the country. The state offers a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Some popular local dishes include Idli Sambar, Uttapam, Chicken Chettinad, Prawns Kuzhamu, Banana Bonda, Dosa, Paruppu Payasam, Paniyaram, Medu Vada, among others.
  • While the meal prices can vary, the average cost of food Tamil Nadu usually is around 140 INR per meal.
  • Sim card cost depends on the package you opt for but the starting price is mostly 100 INR. Certain important documents may be required for identity proof purposes.
  • Indian Passport and OCI Card holders do not require a Visa
  • Others need to apply for an Indian Visa
Season to Visit
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March

Typical Duration to Visit
  • 8 - 14 days

Known For
  • Temples
  • Hill Stations
  • Mountains
  • Heritage Sites
  • Beaches
  • Wildlife
Areas to Visit
  • Chennai for beaches and urban delights
  • Meghamalai and Nilgiri mountain ranges in Western Ghats
  • Hill Stations across the state- Ooty, Coonoor, Kondaikanal, Yercaud, Yelgiri
  • Kanchipuram, Rameshwaram, Mahabalipuram, Madurai, Kumbakonam for ancient temples
  • Kanyakumari for beaches, heritage sites and temples


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