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For the longest time, Albania was a whisper among travellers. A difficult political period had isolated the country’s rugged mountains, crystal clear beaches, historical sites and unique culture from the world. But in 1991, the winds of change threw open the gates of Albania. Inside, it’s pure magic. Dramatic landscapes. Ancient constructions. The bright present intermingling with its breathtaking past. Surprises every step of the way! 


  • April — Warm To enjoy Albania, you need the best weather when you can relish both its coastal and mountainous landscape.
  • May — Warm The ideal time is from April to June. The time is pleasant, without the chill or the mid-year heat.
  • June — Warm Come July and August, the scorching temperature is very uncomfortable.
  • September — Cool You can also opt for September and October. It’s relaxed, cool and a light jacket will suffice. Winter isn’t recommended.
Things to do
  • The Albanian Riviera is a picturesque delight. Geographically, this is the coastline along the northeastern Ionian Sea. It is home to charming coastal villages where you can enjoy the sparkling waters, beautiful sunsets, green hillocks and water sports. Famous Ionian beaches are Dhraleos, Ksamil, Borsh, Perivolo, Bunec and Livadhi.
  • Albania’s Accursed Mountains transport you far away from the humdrum of everyday life. The spectacular scenery will leave you speechless. The horizon is marked by lush valleys, dense forests, ice-capped peaks, old-fashioned villages and rich colours. Thethi, Valbona and Kelmendi are major attractions in this zone.
  • Central Albania is an amalgamation of the counties of Tirana and Elbasan. The bustling capital city of Tirana is a fascinating juncture of modernism and heritage. Take a stroll down Ish-Blloku, an exclusive area known for their pubs and cafes. The city’s avenues are beautifully lined with magnificent architectural remnants from their Ottoman and Italian past. Elbasan is an hour and thirty minutes’ drive from Tirana. The castle district is enclosed by antique walls that were built on Roman and Ottoman fortifications. Inside the restored old fortress, you can visit the Royal Mosque, Orthodox Church of St. Mary and Byzantine Church.
  • Other must-see destinations include Berat (a 2400-year-old UNESCO Museum City), Korca (a romantic town full of beautiful markets), Gjirokastër (Stone City of Thousand Steps) and Shkodra (a gorgeous stopover on your way to the mountains).
How to spend time / how long will it take?

A considerable chunk of Albania can be covered in 2 weeks. We recommend about 6 nights in the cityscape, divided between Tirana, Berat and Gjirokastër. Then, you can think of exploring the sea and the mountains. From Gjirokastër, head to the Albanian Riviera. Spend time in Himara while exploring coastal areas and kayaking to the beaches. After Himara, make your way upwards, halting at the picturesque town of Shkodra. Shkodra is the base town for trekking in the Albanian Alps. A day or two will be great, enjoying the crisp air and blue skies. The central tourist destinations in the Accursed Mountains are the gorgeous valley villages of Theth and Valbona. We suggest 4 nights. The region has ample opportunities for hiking and cycling.

NOTE: Depending on your time, you can make day-trips to Kruje and Korca from Tirana.

  • When in Albania, regional cuisine is a must! We recommend Byrek (a salty pie stuffed with spinach, cheese and meat, Tave Kosi (a quiche prepared with lambs, egg and yoghurt) and Pistachio Baklava.
  • Complement the deliciousness with the Albanian fruit-based beverage called Raki, local wine or their renowned cognac.
  • The average price per head for the entire day’s meals is approximately 1550 Lek. This would mean 12 euros, going up to 15 Euros. for Food for Food & In Albania, prepaid sims are easily available. You can opt for Vodafone, Telekom or ALBtelecom. Most visitors agreed that Vodafone has the best coverage. However, ALBtelecom is the cheapest operator. Depending on the duration and data pack, the price will range from roughly 300 LEK to 2500 LEK. This translates roughly into 2 Euros to 21 Euros. for SIM for SIM
Season to Visit
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • September
  • October

Typical Duration to Visit
  • 7 - 14 days

Known For
  • Beaches
  • Mountains
Areas to Visit
  • Albania can be divided into three regions around which you can plan your holiday. They are Albanian Riviera, Accursed Mountains and Central Albania.


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