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Goa is situated at the western side of India with beautiful coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Goa is famous for its picturesque beaches, islands, rivers, lush greenery, water sports, waterfalls and seafood to name a few. Its decades-old history as a Portuguese colony is still evident in its well-preserved churches, forts and tropical spice plantations. With so many scenic attractions and innate serenity Goa stands in stark contrast from other buzzing urban destinations in India. 

Popular cities: 

  • Panaji

  • Vasco Da Gama 

  • Margao

  • Bicholim 

Goa has a tropical climate with humid weather for most of the year. The best time to visit is between November and February.

  • January — Cold
  • February — Cool
  • March — Hot
  • April — Hot
  • May — Hot
  • June — Wet
  • July — Wet
  • August — Wet
  • September — Wet
  • October — Humid
  • November — Cool
  • December — Cold
Things to do
City Life
Goa is home to some of the most fascinating markets and Anjuna Market is one of them. You can buy different types of souvenirs such as ornate textiles, beaded jewelry, dreamcatchers, sculptures of deities and much more. Tito's Street in North Goa is a major party hub in Goa. From music to excellent food services, this street has it all. Panaji boasts terraced hillocks, amazing beaches, massive monolithic structures, churches and several splendid sites. Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is one of the most prominent sites. The capital also offers many options to enjoy thrilling experiences of nightlife in Goa. Mandovi River Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Vasco Da Gama, a city on the Mormugao peninsula, is home to amazing beaches such as Baina Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Cansaulim Beach, and Hansa Beach, among others. It has also well-preserved the heritage of Portuguese culture. There are several pubs and nightclubs for you to enjoy a thrilling nightlife.
Grand Island is a paradise of Goan water-sports with diving, snorkeling and fishing being the most popular choices. Besides exotic fish species, you'll also find ship wrecks underwater such as the Suzy wreck, Serge City, Davy Jones Locker and Turbo Tunnel. There is something for both experienced and beginner divers. Divar Island is a small island covered with dense forests which create an intimate homelike environment which is very soothing. Chorao Island is home to magnificent pieces of architecture which showcase the beauty of decades old Portuguese culture. Butterfly Island and Sao Jacinto Island are located quite far away from the mainland. So if you seek some time off from crowds and bustling cities, you know just where to go. Vanxim Island and Cumbarja Island are other famous islands worth visiting in Goa.
History & Heritage
Palácio do Deão is a 200-plus-year-old palace in Quepem. Displaying the architectural blend of India and Portuguese, this heritage home features tropical gardens, library filled with rare tomes and much more. Built in 1622, Aguada Fort still stands tall facing the Arabian Sea to resemble the Portuguese heritage. It was a grand fort in its time with the capacity to hold 79 cannons as part of the defence weapons planted against invaders. There is also an old lighthouse built within the fort. This massive fort provides breathtaking views of the sea and the sunset. Chapora Fort stands as a witness to several battles in its long history. Riding on the banks of River Chapora, the view from the fort is splendid. Lamgau Caves are of great importance to the Hindu community in Goa. These are made up of two man-made caves which were once residence for monks. There are local temples on the way to these caves. Braganza House is a historical mansion divided into an easy and west wing, both of which display fascinating antiques. The east wing boasts a massive ballroom, a small chapel, international artifacts and antiques. The western side houses an equally amazing collection. Fort Tiracol,Corneum Fort, Fontainhas and Sao Tome, Reis Magos Fort, Mormugao Fort are other historic monuments worth visiting in Goa.
For an interesting peek into the rich culture of Goa, you must visit the Museum of Christian Art. The museum has some spectacular paintings, precious metals, furniture and sculptures, among others. The Naval Aviation Museum is one of the best military museums to visit in the country. The outdoor area displays various out-of-commission aircrafts that once served in the Navy. The interior of the museum is designed to look like an important Indian Naval Base called INS Viraat. There are several interesting galleries housed by this exquisite museum. The Archeological Museum of Goa houses a fascinating collection of artifacts and objects belonging to the late medieval Portuguese rule in Goa and some even dating back to the prehistoric era.
Nature & Adventure
Tanshikar's Working Spice Farm makes agritourism a one of a kind experience. Using organic farming methods spices such as pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, chilli, vanilla and turmeric are grown here. On this farm tour you can also see some other products such as pineapple, betelnut and coffee beans grown on the premises. You can even take a vegetarian cooking class, trek to Mainapi Waterfall and visit a bubbly lake located near this farm. Dudhsagar Falls is a spectacular four-tiered waterfall and one or the tallest waterfalls of India. Situated on the Goa-Karnataka border, this white water cascade will leave you spellbound with its enticing charm. They form a part of the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. You reach the waterfalls by trekking from Kulem for some adventure besides sightseeing. Chapora River has the perfect water rapids that are required for white river rafting and kayaking. You can even explore this pristine river via cruise rides and sunset boat rides. Verna Springs, Todo Falls, Arvalem Waterfall, Hivre Waterfalls, Netravali Waterfalls, Kuskem Waterfall are few of the other scenic places in Goa which are blessed with bountiful nature and splendid vistas.
Calangute Beach, also known as 'Queen of Beaches', caters to every nature lover, adventure seeker and party freak. In addition to scintillating views, this beach is a hub for shopping for fascinating things. From vibrant markets, Portuguese-style ancient structures, lively nightlife, palm trees dotted white sands to delicious food and drinks, Calangute Beach has it all. Baga Beach is a famous tourist attraction in North Goa. Owing to vibrant music celebrations by late-night, Baga Beach is also called 'The Hometown of Nightlife'. It also offers a plethora of adventurous activities such as bodyboarding, paddleboarding, kneeboarding, kayaking, bumper ride, jet skiing, speed boat rides, wakeboarding and much more. Colva Beach in South Goa is the perfect place to indulge in amazing water sports activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing and banana boat ride. Palolem Beach is one of the most visited beaches in South Goa. Its crescent-shaped stretch of white sand that overlooks the beautiful Arabian Sea makes Palolem an ideal place to relax. You can indulge in kayaking, swimming, dolphin-sightseeing trips and more such exhilarating water sports. If you want to go away from crowded beaches then you must visit the nearly secluded Ashwem Beach. You can relax in its serene ambience and enjoy its sea-food culture. Popular beaches to explore in South Goa include Butterfly Beach, Benaulim Beach, Agonda Beach, Cabo de Rama Beach and Cavelossim Beach, among others. Arjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Vagator Beach, Arambol Beach, Bambolim Beach are just a few of the many popular beaches located in North Goa. Whereas Dona Paula, Miramar Beach, Siridao Beach, are some of the popular beaches in close proximity to Panaji.
Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a hidden gem located on Chorao Island. The island is covered with mangrove swamps and frequented by a number of different birds. You can spot species of birds such as Maddar ducks, Pintails, Purple herons, Blue-winged teals and also flying foxes, jackals, crocodiles and storks. Mollem National Park, part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, is a perfect spot for a picnic, trekking and animal spotting. It is home to several unique species of birds and animals. You can also undertake good treks including one to Sunset Point, Tambdi Waterfalls and Devils Canyon. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary are other popular wildlife sanctuaries of Goa.
Churches/Places of Worship
Basilica de Bom Jesus is an Old Goa attraction that contains the remains (incorrupt body) of the St. Francis Xavier. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this basilica displays a divine amalgamation of Corinthian, Baroque and Doric style of architecture with intricate carvings. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is one of the prime attractions of Panaji. This historic church stands atop a zig-zag staircase resembling Portuguese Baroque architecture. The elegant main altar and elaborate carvings make this perfectly symmetrical church a sight to behold. Mahadev Temple, located near Molem, is a historic religious place dating back to the 12th century. This black basalt temple was built to honor Lord Shiva. Its detailed carvings display the mastery of 12th century artisan carvers. Our Lady of Piety, St. Alex Church, Church of St. Cajetan, Mangueshi Temple, Se Cathedral, Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Mahalasa Temple Church of Our Lady Of The Rosary, Safa Shahouri Masjid, Tambdi Surla are other famous places of worship in Goa.
How to spend time / how long will it take?
You can make the most out of your trip to Goa in 8 to 10 days. Spend a day or two in Panaji exploring the scenic beaches, markets, churches and enjoying a vibrant nightlife. To enjoy a plethora of adventurous activities and wildlife, spend a day in Chorao Island. You can then go on to spend a day in Calangute to visit heritage sites and the beautiful beach. To try interesting water sports or to simply relax by the sea, you can spend a day visiting Arjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Sinquerim Beach and Baga Beach, all of which are located in North Goa. For more beachy vibes, take a short day trip to Bicholim. You can spend a day in Old Goa to visit the quaint churches and heritage sites. If you seek solitude you may want to visit the serene Divar Island for a day.  Moving south, spend a day in Vasco da Gama to explore beautiful churches, beaches and a fort. You can spend a day in Margao to visit historical structures. From here you can go to Canacona which houses the very picturesque Palolem Beach. From Palolem beach you can take a ferry to Butterfly Island away from the bustling crowd of Goa. Back to the mainland, make a short day visit to Sanguem to explore the famous spice plantations. You can end your trip to Goa by visiting the breathtaking Dudhsagar Falls located at Goa-Karnataka border. You can trek to this natural wonder from Kulem to make your visit even more adventurous and memorable.
  • Food is one of the major attractions in Goa. This pleasant blend of Portuguese and Goan flavours define this distinctive cuisine. Coconut milk, rice, kokum, tamarind, cashews, red Goan chilies are some of the main ingredients. Seafood is also a main highlight of Goan cuisine. Some must try dishes include Vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti, Goan Fish Curry, Shark Ambot Tik, Sorpotel, Feijoada, and Samarachi Kodi, among others.
  • While meal prices in Goa can vary, the average cost of food is approximately INR 250 per meal.
  • Sim card cost depends on the package you opt for but the starting price is mostly INR 200. Certain important documents may be required for identity proof purposes.
  • Indian Passport and OCI Card holders do not require a Visa
  • Others need to apply for an Indian visa
Season to Visit
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February

Typical Duration to Visit
  • 8 - 10 days

Known For
  • Beaches
  • Islands
  • Nature
  • Nightlife
  • Waterfalls
  • Churches
  • Historical Monuments
Areas to Visit
  • Panaji for beaches, urban delights and nightlife
  • Divar Island, San Jacinto, Chorao Island in North Goa
  • Beaches in North Goa: Calangute, Baga, Arjuna, Candolim, Sinquerim, Bambolim
  • Old Goa for churches and cultural heritage
  • Beaches in South Goa: Palolem, Butterfly, Agonda, Colva
  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls for nature, wildlife and adventure


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