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Step back in time

Mongolia, bordered by Russia and China, is a landlocked country in East Asia. This country is known for its endless steppe, nomadic culture and vast, rugged expanses. From the bustling capital Ulaanbaatar to its sweeping natural wonders, Mongolia is a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover. It also boasts scenic alpine lakes, towering mountains and amazing national parks. This undiscovered Asian travel destination will delight nature lovers and outdoor aficionados alike. 

Popular cities/towns: 

  • Ulaanbaatar

  • Erdenet

  • Khovd

  • Kharkhorin 

Mongolia has an extreme continental climate. The best time to visit the country is between June and August.

  • January — Cold
  • February — Cool
  • March — Dry
  • April — Dry
  • May — Dry
  • June — Warm
  • July — Hot
  • August — Warm
  • September — Dry
  • October — Dry
  • November — Cold
  • December — Cold
Things to do
City Life

Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia. It represents a fascinating mix of urban and nomadic lifestyles. The city is home to amazing museums and art galleries. Khovd is a charming place with several amenities a traveler needs such as shops, earthy guesthouses, hospitals, etc. It's a gateway to the amazing waters of Khar-Us Lake.

Historic/Architectural Heritage

If you want to learn about the history and culture of the Mongols, visit Karakorum, once the capital of the Mongol Empire. Even though the once-great city now exists in ruins, its authenticity is still intact. Erdene Zuu Monastery is the main attraction besides the small ruined stupas and buildings. Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape lies in the central part of Mongolia. Considered sacred, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is dotted with interesting historic sights and cultural landmarks. On your spiritual excursion you'll come across the 8th-century Orkhon monuments and the Tuvkhun Hermitage. Genghis Khan Statue Complex is one of the most famous places in Mongolia. The gigantic statue of Genghis Khan atop his horse imperiously looks out over all the mountains and steppe surrounding the complex.


Bogd Khan Winter Palace, located in Ulaanbaatar, has nearly 8,600 exhibits. It is considered as one of the biggest collections in Mongolia. On display are many of the Bogd Khan’s possessions, such as his collection of art, ceremonial gear, his throne and bed, among others. Mongolia National Art Gallery is home to an impressive collection of modern and unique Mongolian paintings and sculptures.

Nature & Adventure
Khovsgol Lake is one of the largest lakes in Mongolia. Surrounded by lofty mountains and sweeping valleys, Khovsgol is set in a stunning location. While hiking along its trails, you can sometimes spot elk, brown bear and ibex. Gorkhi Terelj National Park is one of Mongolia's most popular places. Its alpine scenery will steal your heart away. This glorious patk of home to scenic valleys, charming yurt camps, craggy rock formations and beautiful rivers. Hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, horseback riding are popular pastimes. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park encompasses a vast territory that includes Tavan Bogd Massif, Dayan Lake, Khurgan Lake, and Khoton Lake, among others. The park is a treasure trove of nature with the most spectacular scenery in Mongolia. You can indulge in hiking, river rafting, skiing and rock climbing. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, meaning 'Great White Lake', is rightly named so as it's reflective waters mirror the sky and clouds above. Surrounded by rolling hills and remote nature, this lake is a very peaceful place to camp for a couple of nights. You can hike to nearby hills or the Khorgo Volcano for an exhilarating adrenaline rush. Hustai National Park, also known as Khustain Nuruu National Park, is located in Töv Province. Besides small herds of wild horses and Mongolian steppe, there is nothing much of immense interest here and that sheer expanse of nothingness is the best thing about this park. Altai Mountains , Uvs Lake, Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Khangai Mountains, Ugii Lake, Buir Lake, Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, Khar-Us Lake, and Khentii Mountains are some of the other beautiful places worth visiting in Mongolia.
Places of Worship
Choijin Lama is a quaint Buddhist monastery turned museum in Ulaanbaatar. The complex encompasses six temples consisting of one main temple and five branch temples. The main temple has a 18th-century gilt statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. The temple boasts an extensive collection of wood carvings, religious instruments, cham dance, statues, silk embroideries and paintings. Gandantegchinlen monastery, located on Ulaanbaatar, is a Mongolian Buddhist monastery. The architectural style displays Chinese, Mongol and Tibetan influences. This quaint monastery features a 26.5-meter-high statue of Avalokitesvara. Other prominent places of worship in Mongolia are Amarbayasgalant Monastery near Erdenet and Danzadardscha Khiid Monastery in Murun.
How to spend time / how long will it take?

A major chunk of Mongolia can be covered in 5 to 7 days. Spend a day or two in Ulaanbaatar exploring prominent landmarks of the city. Take a day trip to Hustai National Park to relax amidst nature. Spend a day exploring the ancient monuments and ruins in Karakorum. Moving upwards, spend a day exploring Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan and Khorgo Volcano. End your trip to this beautiful country by spending a day in the beautiful Lake Khovsgol National Park.

  • Mongolian cuisine predominantly consists of meat, animal fats and dairy products with limited use of vegetables and spices. Some must-try scrumptious foods are Khorkhog, Boodog, Tsuivan, Buuz, Guriltai Shul, Budaatai khuurga, Chanasan Makh and Gambir, among others.
  • While meal prices in Mongolia can vary, the average cost of food is MNT 10,000 (USD 3.51) per meal.
  • Indians require a Visa.
  • Other nationalities may or may not require a Visa.
Season to Visit
  • June
  • July
  • August

Typical Duration to Visit
  • 5 - 7 days

Known For
  • Steppe
  • Culture
  • Lakes
  • Mountains
  • Wildlife
Areas to Visit
  • Orkhon Valley for cultural and ancient sites
  • Ulaanbaatar for urban delights and futuristic landmarks
  • National Parks across the country- Altai Tavan Bogd, Khustain Nuruu, Lake Khovsgol & Gobi Gurvansaikhan


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